Competition Rules Announced

1st January 2021

Details of the Great Guitar Build Off  2021 have now been announced on the Crimson Guitars YouTube Channel. To watch this video please click on the following link.

Registration for GGBO Begins

1st February 2021

Registration for the  public Great Guitar Build Off 2021 begins ! This will be for both competitions, the Kit Build and the Scratch Build.

The only way to register for this years competitions is on this website.

Great Guitar Build Off Judges & Prizes Announced

1st March 2021

The judges and prizes for this years public competition will be announced through the month of March.

Invitational GGBO Competitors Announced

15th March 2021

This year's Invitational competitors will be anounced from the 15th March 2021.

Final YouTube Submission to be made by Invitational GGBO Competitors

31st May 2021

More information to follow.

Final YouTube Submission to be made by GGBO Competitors 

30th June 2021

More information to follow.

Guitars to be Auctioned 


More information to follow.