Sam Townley

'Scratch Build'

Sam Townley


About the course

My interest in guitar making was sparked three years ago when I discussed the possibilities with my brother Ashley, who has been a guitar player for many years. At this time I had been woodworking at home with a handful of tools for a year, had built some furniture, including my own bed, amongst other things. Confident that I could adapt my new found skills I took to YouTube to do some research.

Before long I came across Crimson Guitars on YouTube 'Taking a kit guitar and making it great' - I must have watched all twenty videos over one weekend. I subscribed whilst accepting I had overestimated my ability to luthe... Luthiyay? Luthieree? Anyway...

Since then my hobby has mainly focussed into woodturning, which I have thoroughly enjoyed learning alongside more traditional methods. Having taught myself the skills to create something that looks good and has the quality I would look for is extremely rewarding - It has also kept my sanity and bank balance in check, especially over the last year at home! I now have the confidence to sell what I don't keep or give away and have set up Woodchip Woodcraft to leave my mark. I source timber for my products locally, either from the fantastic team at Tyler Hardwoods in Wiltshire or from other craftsmen that no longer have a use for it (let's just say it's not a young man's hobby!).

On new year's day I watched Ben Crowe announce the competition and was awake long into the night, my brain bubbling with ideas as I knew I was going to have to enter. This brain bubbling has continued for the past month, often with my brother on the phone. Finally, I have settled (subject to change as all projects are) on an explorer-shape, Japanese-styled, cherry stained maple with black hardware. As a further challenge I am going to attempt to learn Kumiko and incorporate this into the body... somehow.

Will it be a beautiful looking and sounding instrument? a Winner?! That much I don't know, but I'm sure it will be a fun and rewarding challenge. Cannot wait to start on my 'luthy' adventure.