I am a lifetime woodworking hobbyist who went to the "corporate world" for 25+ years... and then decided to spend more time with the kids and focus on them and my hobby - both of which make me much happier. I have been building guitars off and on for 5 years as a "challenge", but I decided to focus solely on electric guitars and basses for the past 1.5 years - it is much easier on the back!
This years build will be a new design for me. It will be a LP Jr. double-cut inspired guitar. Considering the name of my company, this new model will be known as "the kid". I found my design inspiration from a Duesenberg Les Trem that I recently purchased. It has the Mid Century Modern feel, so I started doing some research... I eventually found an artist (Atelier Viollet) that does a lot of Straw Marquetry on his furniture pieces - so that will inspire my finishing approach to the build.