my name is Trevor Woodland. I run Vigilant Guitars, a guitar building company based out of my home garage in Victoria, BC, Canada. I started Vigilant back in 2015 initially as a repair/mod business but it quickly flourished into a full custom build business where I specialize in electric guitars/basses with extended range and multi-scale specifications. Over the past couple of years I have made a strong focus to use locally sourced trees from Vancouver Island, locally manufactured pickups and hardware, and environmentally sustainable low VOC finishing products for my builds.

For my scratch build I am planning to finally build a concept guitar that has been in my head for over a year; a semi hollow body guitar with a reusable smoke machine. Watching performances from Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley, the kid in me thinks it would be a showstopper. I’ve already worked out the air intake, blower, heating element and conduit for the smoke machine itself and I would like to build it around one of my 6 string models. For the video, I want to lean into the “scratch” part of the competition and showcase the initial processes of milling the wood, winding the pickup, anodizing the bridge etc… I still have to work out the overall aesthetics but for specs I’m thinking:

6 string 25.5” scale 24 frets
Right Handed
4x3 tuners
Rocklite Fingerboard
Western Maple Multilaminate neck
12-16 radius
SS fretwire
Vigilant Pickups
Set Neck
Vigilant Bridge/anchor plate
Water Based clear coat
Local flame/burl top
Local wood body - recycled wood from house renovation or found beach driftwood.

If you require more details please let me know. Look forward to hearing back from you guys!