I am a 52 guitar builder from Travelers Rest, SC, USA. I have played guitar for over 35 years and have always wanted to build guitars as bad as I want to play them. It feeds the same part of our brains. I get immense joy from building guitars and will do it, always. I am planning to build a custom strat based guitar, bolt on neck with 2 carbon steel threaded inserts and 1 or 2 pocket screws, I will shape the area where the neck profile meets the heel so it flows into the body instead of a harsh joining. Medium/high frets on a chechen fretboard, 2 piece flamed maple neck, custom 3x3 headstock with locking nut, 2 piece poplar body and I will either do a complete custom candy paint job or a yellow to black "bumblebee" burst with a pearl powder rub on areas of the body and neck. Copper 12th fret inlay, pearl powder epoxy headstock logo, humbucker bridge (Dimarzio, Steve's Special) single size humbucker neck (Dimarzio, Fast Track rail), haven't decided on wiring, switches, pots and caps yet so those are TBD. Recess rout but dive only Floyd rose tremolo, side body output jack, rear rout control cavity and no pickguard. A pretty straight forward build, but the finish, the inlays and the custom touches will hopefully set my build far apart from a standard strat style guitar. I may modify the shape so it doesn't even resemble a strat, I'll decide that once the neck is ready, I like to design on the fly when it comes to body shape and I really don't want to build copy's of existing guitars. Part of the allure for me is the experimentation and inspiration as I see the build start to take shape. That to me is the essence of custom guitar building. The main thing I would like to accomplish both in this competition and in my business is to create custom guitars that are made to play and will assure that any player that plays one of mine is truly happy and knows instantly that they're holding a quality, we'll balanced, guitar that was made just for them. I love all things guitar and must say that Ben Crowe is who made me want to be a guitar builder and has inspired me to turn my passion into my life's work and my business. Thanks to everyone at Crimson for what they do and the level at which they do it. Fantastic company, fantastic people. Let's make some sawdust! I couldn't be happier about this and I will say you front that I will either do a giveaway of my build on YouTube or will auction it for charity, whatever charity the invitational guys donate to. I absolutely have to give something back for where building has taken me and this would not be possible if I had not watched that 1st Crimson video a year ago. I don't even care about winning, it's the participation I am into and the community being built by all of this. It is to be celebrated and applauded. There is no higher thing to do with your life than what you love and I love guitars. I leave the judging in your capable hands and look forward to everything to come. Thanks once again for the opportunity to be involved.