Hello my name is Tobias Hoor, I’m 21 Years old and from Germany.
I startet playing Guitar at school and still play in the schools Jazz Band.
I startet working on guitars in the classic way, by swapping out the electronics and hardware on my cheap Harley Benton Strat.
In 2019 I saw the Burlsart- Pencil Guitar Video on YouTube and was instantly catched by the idea of Building Guitar-Bodys with Resin.
I started with some normal wood in Epoxy but then switched two work with recycled skateboards.
After a few tries working with recycled skateboards in the most common way and with that I mean cutting them into stripes and gluing them together, I realized that you need a lot of skateboards to make a Guitar out of it. In Addition to that the plywood is pretty curved, you end up with quite some offcuts.
One day I drilled a hole with a Forstner-Bit through the colored sheets of the skateboard and ended up with these beautiful chippings in all kinds of colors.
I really liked how it looked and instantly planned on making a Guitar out of These Chips and Epoxy. In that way I was also able to use up all the offcuts.

The Guitar I am going to build for the competition will be based on a Squier Vintage Style Jazzmaster, that is completely taken apart to a Kit-Status since I could not find a decent Kit and the Guitar is on a good budget.
The guitar will be full skateboard themed with the Skateboard-chipping-Epoxy body, custom designed Skateboard-Bearing Control-Knobs and a Griptape-Pickguard that is not scratching at all. With that new Pickguard I will also rewire the whole Guitar.
To finish this Projekt off, I will make some custom Inlays in the existing Squire Neck.

I hope everyone in the competition will have a great time!

With best regards,
Tobias Hoor