I am a self taught guitar maker and owner of Goddess Guitars. I started making my first guitar before I even knew how to play a chord. I live in sunny, San Diego, California with my two cats. I love taking the unorthodox and unconventional and using them to transform my guitars into functional works of art. My kit built guitar is named Mad Honey - a build inspired by naturally hallucinogenic honey in Turkey and Nepal. I envision walking and coming across an ancient wooden effigy of an unknown goddess now a home to a hive of honeybees. The honey beckons to taste it and the effigy starts to warp. what will your journey and vision be? (I also entered the kit build) I am the owner of Goddess Guitars. I am a third generation artist and also a shamanic practitioner and energy healer I live in sunny San Diego, California with my two fur babies. I am excited to make my first ever scratch built guitar! My build concept is still pretty loose as I am yet to receive the wood in the post. Once I have that I will be able to solidify my concept and figure out her name. Stay tuned!!!