Spike, I am a Gold Prospecting Equipment designer and manufacturer. Spike's Gold Prospecting, have over 20 different products, But my true love is guitars and building anything. I decided to enter this year, to get my mind right, set a goal and recover from the fire in my shop last year. I lost the neck and the CNC machine and most of my other tools to the fire. But did save a couple of bodies, I had cut before the fire. So, I am taking one of them, putting a kit neck with it and finishing this NOW!! For my sanity and happiness if nothing else. The fire damage was $120,000 US, expensive screw up, CNC dust migrated into a powder coating oven control box, went up like a Bomb. I have a new shop, and a small area set aside to assemble. I will start drilling holes and sanding on this body, and get busy, I don't have a lot of time!! Thanks for the chance to compete!