My name is Scott Pederson and my brand is BriteRock. I've been hobbyist builder for over 20 years, primarily building for fun, family and friends. I lost my job in 2020 during the pandemic, having always wanted to to give building a full time go, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it full time attention. Recently, I've been working on my signature design, reorganizing, and retooling my shop. Currently I'm right in the middle of finishing my first guitars, not prepared to jump into a competition. But Wow! What a great opportunity! I have a YouTube channel which I've not gotten around to making video's yet, but they have been in my plans. So, this will also be a great push to move that forward. My build will be my first double cut as part of my Signature Line. It will feature a one piece Ash body, Birdseye Maple neck, have a 25.5" scale, bolt on neck, and include custom design features.