I am 63 years old from Sydney, Australia. My journey on the Road to Ruin began in my high chair where I was amused by a stack of jazz & pop recordings. At that stage it was unclear whether it was the music itself or the changing of the record was my true focus. My parents took me to see the Beatles at the age of six and as for many of my generation the dye was cast. At 15 I announced that I wished to leave school to become a luthier. Although dissuaded from this when it was pointed out that woodwork was not my forte by both parents and vocational guidance by the age of 20 and a chance broken arm which interrupted my tenure as a guitar payer in a band I became an audio engineer. For almost 40 years I continued as an engineer touring both here in Australia and internationally I also worked in live television music production. These days I run a small project studio from home. I have been avid collector of guitars snd esoteric musical instruments since my teens and last year bought the Texas Toast multi-neck guitar from GGBO 2020. I started my fledgling YouTube channel in defence of it's criticism and in multi-neck instruments in general so I guess although my previous build experience is parts caster based and repair & maintenance related my choice for my 1st full scratch build be a twin neck guitar being in part due to the amount of rebuilding required to achieve this. The build will be loosely based on a Fender Esquire crossed with an electric harp guitar. It is my intention to give this build a unique Australian flavour so I will be using indigenous timbers as well as indigenously produced fabric to cover the guitar. Two necks for a 1st time build? What could possibly go wrong? I suspect twice as much at least. Well it could be twice as entertain too, I suppose.