Ronald B.


My name is Ron Sutton, and i am 47, I live just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, in the united States. I am a facilities maintenance worker for a medium sized company. My hobbies are cars, diecast cars, RC cars, guns, and Guitars. I have some metal working, and fabrication in my back ground, but no wood working. (unless you count pinewood derby cars for the cub scouts, and girl scouts. but I count that more as making sure that they don't cut off fingers) needless to say I do not have any wood working tools.

For my build I will be starting with a butchered, Applause solid body electric guitar from the 80's (and yes Ovation / Applause did make solid body electric guitars in the 80's no matter how much they want to deny it) this guitar started off as a Strat-type but with a Gibson scale length. at some point in its checkered past someone has replaced the body with a Fender scale length body. so this guitar will not intonate. I will be building a body from scratch to match the scale length of the neck, and realign the neck to the bridge. there will be lots of sanding of old paint, fret work, inlay work, and other "fun stuff"

Just an FYI I am shy, and when I get into something I will forget the camera is on and /or to move it. this will not be a how to for guitar building or video taping. this will be a HOW NOT TO. there will also be area that will skip, this is because I have permission to use some of the tools at work for my build, but I am not allowed to record any thing in the building do to the nature of what we do.