After talking about the GGBO2020 to my Dad, he bought me a kit for Xmas 2020. I have yet to complete that kit, but I am working on it daily. I have also bought 2 more kits since then. One for the GGBO2021 and one for my friend for his 40th bday.

I was in a couple of bands throughout high school and college (1995-2003). In 2009 or so, I started building fx pedals after reading that modded tube screamers sound better. It was my main hobby for several years. I built dozens of pedals, many of which were given to friends who still play live (or did and hopefully will again).

The kit I bought for the GGBO2021 is a semi-hollow LP with a flamed maple top. It will likely be my 3rd build...hoping to complete these other 2 in the next month.