Hi, my name is Piero, I am from Italy and I have been a guitarist for 5 decades.
I have developed a vast knowledge of the world of guitars and I have a lot of experience in repairs, maintenance, customizations and assemblies of electric and acoustic guitars.
This is the first time that I will build an electric guitar entirely from scratch, starting from a blank sheet, following an original project of mine.
I don't have a workshop: I will work in the available space of my small apartment, on a surface lying on the kitchen table, using almost only hand tools.
Since I have particularly large hands I’ve made this project to finally satisfy my specific needs as a guitarist: an increased scale to have wider frets, a greater width of the fingerboard and a wider string spacing. I will also implement other theories, personal design, construction techniques, materials and accessories to effectively better enhance the final result. In other words: I am going all out to make my ultimate guitar.