I am an amateur guitar builder fra Dragør in Denmark. I converted my garden shed into a small shop, from where I destress and build my guitars. I have completed about 7 scratch builds and started many more. For the GGBO 2021 I am planning on making a guitar based on my own version of a 6 string single cut guitar, called "Oceana". The woods I am planning to use are; Ash body, flamed maple cap/top, ebony and maple neck, an ebony fretboard and with some veneers in the mix as well. The guitar is going to be somewhat "water"-themed, with a "crevasse" routed in the top, filled with blue epoxy and small surprises submerged. Blue-ish stained top and hopefully the right amount of tasteful details on the rest of the guitar. But details and specs may change slightly as the project moves forward.