My name is DoktoR VoloX I'm a designer/guitar builder. I started my youtube chanel one year ago during the first covid lock down, after that first lock down i lost my job in the show business. I had already 800 subs so i decided to create my company the DoktoR VoloX Company. I'm a "professional" now, i sell as well timber and hardware for the hobbyists. My Channel is in french i would like to do more in English but i don't have enough time. I 'v develop 2 "concepts", the rock'n roll lutherie and the gonzo lutherie. Also my motto is "custom guitars for the people, as I do them for you or you do them yourself" . My chanel is still small (3500sbs at the moment) but i will not enter the competition as a random, I am THE french luthier youtuber. My order book is full, so i don't have time to do more than a kit. Please send me a T-style kit, ruff from the CN. I hate telecaters so that will be my chalenge to make it cool. I don't care about competition in any sport in anything. If you don't think i'm worthy getting one of your kits i'll do a prank like last year, i've build a Stratocaster out of tolet paper if you remember. Best Regards DoktoV VoloX