I am an amateur luthier, but guitar making is not full time job (though I wish it were). I am a chemistry professor at a small college here in the States. I have built a couple guitars and basses. The reason I am entering the competition is the same reason my wife enters running races, not to win, but to challenge myself and grow in my craft, though, I would not be upset if I did win:)
I have three major goals for this competition:
1: To develop my own body shape. So far I have only built copies of existing guitars, but I want to develop a (somewhat) unique body design. I am still more of a traditionalist, so it probably won't be too wild (just a personal preference).
2: Make a neck. So far, I have been too intimidated to make my own neck. I have either bought them or pilfered them from other guitars. I am now at the point where I think I can do this and want to challenge myself:)
3: I want to try to raise awareness and some money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. I suffer from Crohn's as do other family members. I *hope* to be able to auction the guitar and donate the proceeds to the foundation as well as bring awareness of the disease.
Bonus: I want to help other hobbyists realize you do not need a ton of fancy equipment to build guitars, and hopefully inspire some people to give it a shot.
Thanks for running this!