I am Lukas from Germany. I'm 25 years old and I built my first guitar when I was 14. Back in the days all i had was a jigsaw, a dull chisel, a borrowed router from my uncle as well as one of those handheld beltsanders. The guitar was playable. When I started studying maths I didn't have enough time for woodworking. When i turned 20 I revived my old hobby and since then im possessed. I build anything from guitars over tables and boxes to self made metal and wooden planes. I usually build my guitars together with my brother since he's a good builder as well. Therefore you will see him in a lot of the videos.

The guitar we are going to build is a semi-hollow stratocaster inspired scratch-build. I am planning to try something unique with the bridge and hopefully manage to make a nice inlayed fretboard. The idea is to build a guitar that has some modern looking curves to it, but also appears classy with its P90 pickups and a (probably) oiled mahagony body.