I'm a self taught french woodworker, for about two or three years now. Still a lot to learn, but I'm proud of eveything i made so far, even the projects with flaws.
First big thing I built was an electric bass out of reclaimed wood. I just wanted to practice a bit before making a proper instrument, but it never got to a point of massive failure so I kept going until the bass was fully finished. To my own astonishment, it actually worked pretty much okay !
I later built an electric guitar for a friend, gibson V-shaped style. I got a way more professionnal result this time and was immensely proud.

My entry for the grat guitar buildoff will be my third guitar build. I'm aiming for an electro-accoustic-ish bass guitar, because I really want one for myself for quite a while. I don't really know much more for now, because I tend to think things through along the way. It's quite possible I'll end up with something completely different. But it'll probably have strings and make music anyway.