John Kelley


I'm John Kelley Brown, I go by my middle name "Kelley". I built guitars from scratch in high school back in the early/mid 1970s. I'm returning to it after all these decades. I'll be entering a prototype for what will be a scratch build to come. This prototype uses a Warmoth neck with a "paddle head" that I'll shape to my own design, the neck and fretboard are roasted flame maple . The body is built from scratch and is roasted basswood, my own design for the shape and contours, and is partly carved at one end like a Les Paul. A unique feature of this guitar is that I'm using a vibrato bar system taken from Brian May's "Red Special", except that his is routed into the top side with a plastic plate covering it, mine is routed from the back for a cleaner look on the top. The headstock and body will have cream binding. I'm making my own pickup surrounds of my own design, the neck pickup is a Firebird mini-hum, the bridge pickup is a normal humbucker. This guitar is to prove out all the features I want in the scratch build I'm planning next, which will be a neck-through design in white and black Limba with African Blackwood fretboard.