I am a Technical Writer at Philips Healthcare Magnetic Resonance. My oldest son, Ben, plays guitar beautifully. I, on the other hand, was born without musical ability.

When Ben was a little boy, I built him a Telecaster clone. When I opened the kit’s box and saw two potentiometers, a capacitor, a three-way on-on-on switch, two coils wound around magnets, and a simply supported beam (neck) with fixed reactions (nut and bridge), I thought to myself, “I think that I can handle this...”

The three reasons that I have come to love guitar building are:

-Listening to Ben play.
-Therapeutic shop time.
-It’s art meets science.

As for the build itself, the body is my own design and the neck is a prefabricated paddle head. After that, keep an eye on Instagram to see where I go from there...