My name is Jason Weiss, and I live in Los Angeles, CA with my incredible wife, Grace, and our kickass dog, Atticus. I've been in the entertainment industry most of my life, and have played guitar (for fun, not in a band) for over 30 years. I've been designing a guitar in my head for the past year, and I think it's time to put that idea to the test. I've been blacksmithing as a hobby for the past 3 years, and I would like to apply my forging skills to the design of this guitar. The idea is to hand forge a frame for the body and create a hybrid steel (or brass, copper, nickel, etc.) and wood semi-hollow body. In my mind I will forge some Damascus for the frame, the tuning pegs, fretboard inlays and possibly even a tailpiece. I've seen attempts at this, but none of the finished guitars resonated with me. I'm hoping the metal and wood will create a unique sound that gives the guitar a voice all its own.