I am a professional, licensed fishing guide in San Diego, California. I am also the Head Dude behind Dood Craft Guitars. A father of four who reluctantly (miraculously) found some down time in between fishing charters. This lead me to pursue crafting solid body electric guitar building. I built my first Dood guitar in 2016, and will have made #200 by the end of 2021. Though not opposed to technology (CNC), I have yet to get mine working, and rather enjoy making my guitars with hand tools, and standard workshop power tools. In 2020 I was a proud finalist in the GGBO (unofficial) making the first 3 panel, three scale, three neck, electric guitar... The Multi-Tasker.
in 2021, I wish to develop an even better version of the Multi-Tasker, or make the most awesome 12 String Baritone. I haven't quite made my mind up yet. Do I have to declare this right now?