I'm Greg, before the "Dark Times" I was a bartender but at the moment I'm just a professional couch potato and my mixology skills are mostly used for making tea, stirred not shaken.
I've always liked the idea of building my own guitar but I've always put it off for some reason or another.
After watching last years competition I promised myself I'd take part this year, especially with videos like your own and guns and guitars showing me that I don't need all the tools, just the important ones and the right tutorial.
To me the reason to build a guitar, is that the guitar I envision doesn't exist without paying for a pricey custom job.
I wanted a 7 string gibson les paul/Fernandes Ravelle like build nothing over the top.. And so I purchased an Ibanez Iceman kit and intend to cut it to size and fix any problems the kit has and make it pretty.