My build is with some scrap plywood for the body and a prebuilt neck hh configuration with a 2v 1t and a 3way toggle pickup selector switch. My name is Gary I am 28 yrs old and I am a father i have two sons and a 3rd child on the way. I work a full time job but enjoy spending time watching guitar building videos and even tinkering with it on my own this will be my first build for a guitar body from scratch and im going to use materials i already have for this i have built a kit acoustic and a t style kit and i have built four cigar box guitars and i enjoyed the process of building these and want to build guitars for hobby or maybe a career some day. Im not here to win just for the fun and to prove to myself that i can do something unique even with my lack of honed wordworking skills and limited time. Also because this guitar is getting built anyways might as well record it and put it in a competition who knows right.