I started building guitars in Seattle Washington in 2016, my first wood shop was the bed of my truck in my apartment building small parking lot. I built a full guitar in this space and when the summer passed I was forced to find an indoor shop. I began volunteering at a makerspace down the street from Safeco Park where the Seattle Mariners play now known as T-Mobile Park. I was very big in recycling wood and making guitars out of specifically skateboards. I learned a lot from this shared space but found it was too distracting to focus on guitars so I ended up getting another job at a local restaurant to afford a small workspace in town. After 6 months I fell on hard times and had to shut the shop down. After not having the resources to build for about a year I moved out of the state to Los Angeles to create a more stable life for myself where I began to build again. I had a garage where I was able to build at my own pace. Out of sheer luck I ended up sharing a wall with one of the best guitar techs in Los Angeles, a really awesome and great person named Jason Saracco. Jason became my mentor and we spent a lot of time hanging out, playing music and he taught me how to make a players guitar. I now pay attention to detail and spend my time making sure the set up is going to be good enough for a player like him. 2020 was my first year that I was able to sell any guitars and that has given me the confidence to continue doing this as a passion project. I currently work an 8-5 job and spend most of my free time building and playing guitars. The guitar that I will be making is likely to be a set neck guitar made from a number of different woods. Each of my builds are unique in their own way but I will need to tap into a more creative side than I am used to for this project and I am really looking forward to it.