I'm a new and YouTube/self taught guitar builder. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I've just turned 60 during the worst year of all our lives during Covid. I'm seeking motivation, stoke and energy mostly. Being able to participate in this event is just an amazing chance to have fun and learn so much. My build starts with the renovation of a old 12 x 16 foot back yard shed into my guitar shop. It's in poor shape and I've just put a new roof on it. At this time I am building and installing work benches. As far as my guitar build it self. I want to build something in tribute to the music I grew up with, The Stones, Led Zeppelin and all the great British bands of the day shaped my life in so many ways. I love telecasters so I'm thinking of scratch building something along these lines. Being a little late to the party is giving me the chance to see many other builds already started. I'd love to visit the UK someday and meet Ben, doing a lesson course would be amazing.