I have been in the industry for 10 years building for other custom shops. Ive built guitars for billy gibbons, joe walsh, zack wylde, keith urban, brad paisley, adam levine, ray parker jr, ect.. After years of working for others, I decided to try and start my own business in jan 2020. Then covid hit, we went 10 months without a roof or electricity because of world events. Our government only helped small businesses with employees so we we ineligible for any relief. My prototype violin and guitar are finished and drying but we will be running out of runway soon and my dream will die. My violin got 41k likes on reddit and i don't have time/money left to really pursue my lifes work and dream. Hopefully joining can help me make a few sales to keep me afloat. My guitar is a acoustic archtop/electric body. It has a unique neck joint, unique body shape, 2 aggressive humbuckers handwound in house, and 50 perfling miters in the fingerboard. Its mostly flamed maple with a sitka spruce top, ebony and flamed korina accents.