"I'm a maker based in Canada and I make just about anything that catches my interest. Right now that thing is guitars! I have played guitar since I was a teenager and I want to put my own twist on one and see what happens.

My kit build will be taking a Gibson style kit and transforming it into a Lego Paul, a guitar made as much out of lego as I possibly can.

My scratch build will be a top down design of a learner's guitar, with LEDs built into the fretboard controlled by a small computer mounted in the body which drives the LEDs to display different colors to display anything you could need to learn the guitar, from chords to scales to even songs. It will also have a small amplifier and speaker built into the body the player can practice with or without an external amp. Can I do it? Who knows? Certainly not me. But I'm sure we'll all learn some cool things along the way."