PhD candidate in Pshychoacoustics, located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. I have always been interested in building things and have always combined the passion for music with it. In last year's GGBO I attempted a crazy challenge of building an entire guitar from scratch, with very little experience and almost no tools. That was a success, I was even surprised myself. This year I'm gonna do it again! Well sort of, I don't really have a lot of time for building this year, so this is my challenge. I will let a particular little machine that I own to all the heavy lifting - the 3D printer - Yes, my entry this year is another challenge for myself. Can I design a guitar structurally sound and strong enough, which can be printed on small (15x15cm) build plate and then be put together like Lego to form a guitar? We'll see, the first tests are promising. And yes, I'm talking about the entire guitar being 3D printed, neck included. Oh, and without the frets and hardware obviously, I'm never going again on the descent to madness which was last's year challenge to guild the hardware myself.