Well, I'm Andy. I'm 30, an out of practice guitar player, inveterate tinkerer and maker of things, proud nerd, Star Wars fan and metalhead. I'm a director of Swansea Hackspace, and I make guitars and lightsabers.

I got my first guitar at 16. It was a cheap Strat copy and I started modifying it almost immediately afterwards, mostly make it more playable. The effort was doomed from the start, but in trying, I caught the bug. A few years later, I bought a kit from eBay, and from there started making scratchbuilds and refurbishing broken guitars as a hobby/side project. My main interest is in pushing the guitar forward, with new forms, materials, techniques. I want to boldly go, not be caught in nostalgic navel-gazing for 60+ year old technology.

So, for my 2021 Great Guitar Build-Off entry, I want to challenge myself. I plan to scratch build something that I think is just within my limits: a six string multiscale headless guitar, with a unique extended-access bolt-on neck. I also hope to be able to use some of my lightsaber metalwork know-how in hand machining a custom multiscale tremolo unit, and if my time and budget allow, I wouldn't mind trying hand-winding pickups.