My name is Andrew and I have many hats, I'm an architectural designer, digital artist, VJ, DJ, event promoter, producer of electronic music and generative art. I have played guitar, poorly, for most of my life and my jasmine semi-acoustic is one of my prized possessions.

I've been watched luthiery videos for a large part of 2020 in order to maintain some level of sanity during lockdown, the desire to build my own guitar has grown. I recently rebuilt my old marlin guitar for my son and have decided the time has come. This will be my first build, I found an unfinished maple/oak PRS/Strat style body project someone had started on Facebook Marketplace, and that came with an uncut sapele neck blank. So whilst this will be a kit build, it looks like I will have to construct a neck from scratch!!

I've started a youtube channel to document the rebuild of my son's guitar and to show some of my other makes (including a kitchen) so it seems like this will be a good place to share my build. I'm looking forward to this immensely, especially to see what others come up with. As a first build I'm expecting to make a lot of mistakes!!