I started woodworking about 3 years ago, looking for a way to relax and build something with my hands on weekends after working all week as a software engineer. I started by making mostly shop projects, and slowly got into finer woodworking (small furniture, more advanced joinery).
For a long time I've been dreaming of building a guitar but I thought it would be impossible with the tools and skills I have. A few months ago I finally gave it a shot and LOVED it.
This will be my 3rd guitar build from scratch. I will use a pre-slotted fretboard from StewMac but everything else will be built from rough lumber.
I work mostly with hand tools, but use a jigsaw to cut the body outline and a router to carve out the body cavities. I love old hand tools and find it more pleasant to work with quiet tools and take my time to do most of the work by hand.